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Tonopah Public Library

The Tonopah Public Library, a historical gem and the third public library in Nevada, epitomizes the community spirit and architectural heritage of early 20th-century Tonopah.

Tonopah Public Library

Tonopah Public Library Overview

Established in 1906, this library was a cornerstone of cultural and educational development in the region, housed in a distinctive stone building.

National Register Number

NRHP Reference No. 82003252

Year Established/Founded


Tonopah Public Library History

The library was initiated following the suggestion of George Weeks, in memory of his brother John R. Weeks, whose funeral in 1901 was Tonopah’s first. Grace R. Moore and Marjorie Moore Brown, prominent local figures, were instrumental in establishing the library. George Weeks donated an initial 200 books to start the library. Its construction, involving local businesses and families, was a testament to the town’s collaborative spirit.


  • 1901: John R. Weeks’ funeral, the first in Tonopah, sparks the idea for a public library.
  • 1905-1906: Local women, through various fundraising efforts, including lectures and socials, raise funds for the library’s construction.
  • 1906: The library, a single-story stone structure, is completed and dedicated.
  • 1970s: The building sees minor modifications, including the addition of a restroom.
  • 2000: The library ceases its function as a public library, with a new library building established behind the original.


Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada

GPS Coordinates

38°04′01″N 117°13′54″W

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171 Central, Tonopah, Nevada

The Tonopah Public Library serves as a proud reminder of the town’s early commitment to literacy and community development, encapsulating a significant chapter in Nevada’s educational history.

References Used

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