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Tonopah Volunteer Firehouse and Gymnasium

Dive into the fascinating history of the Tonopah Volunteer Firehouse and Gymnasium, a landmark that symbolizes the resilience and community spirit of Tonopah, Nevada. This historic building not only served as a hub for the town’s fire services but also as a communal space for physical fitness and gatherings.

Tonopah Volunteer Firehouse and Gymnasium

Tonopah Volunteer Firehouse and Gymnasium Overview

The Tonopah Volunteer Firehouse and Gymnasium, constructed in 1907, is a significant historic site located in Tonopah, Nevada. It played a dual role as both a fire station and a gymnasium for the town’s volunteer firefighters.

National Register Number

It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places under the reference number 82003253.

Year Established/Founded

The firehouse and gymnasium were built in 1907.

Tonopah Volunteer Firehouse and Gymnasium History

Built by E.E. Baker, Tonopah’s fire chief at the time, the firehouse was established to enhance the town’s fire protection capabilities following a major fire in 1904. Despite the presence of the firehouse, Tonopah experienced several significant fires, including one in 1920 that damaged the firehouse itself. It was later restored to its original condition.


  • 1907: Construction of the Tonopah Volunteer Firehouse.
  • 1908: The adjoining gymnasium for firefighters was built.
  • 1920: A major fire damaged the firehouse, leading to its restoration.


Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada.

GPS Coordinates

38.06853°N, 117.22972°W.

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Located at the intersection of Brougher and Burro Streets in Tonopah, Nevada.

Today, the Tonopah Volunteer Firehouse and Gymnasium stand as a proud reminder of the town’s dedication to public service and community well-being, marking a significant chapter in Tonopah’s history.

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