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Trego Hot Springs

Trego Hot Springs

Trego Hot Springs Overview

Trego Hot Springs is a primitive hot spring located within the Black Rock Desert in Pershing County, Nevada that is also known by the names of Kyles Hot Springs, Butte Spring, and Butte Hot Spring.

Trego was a former railroad station on the Western Pacific Railroad.

The “spring” is actually a 400-foot-long trench that was initially hand dug by a group led by Frederick W. Lander in 1860 that has a soft mud bottom that is located at the north end near the railroad tracks.

Asa Merrill Fairfield wrote that in 1856, Ladue Vary and Fred Hines discovered the springs that were later named Trego Hot Springs when they took a shortcut from Granite Creek (now known as Granite Ranch) across the Black Rock Desert playa towards Rabbit Hole Spring. When they arrived at the Humboldt River, they met a wagon train on the Nobles Emigrant Trail. Vary and Hines told the emigrants about the springs, the emigrants took the shortcut and the Nobles trail was adjusted accordingly. “Hot Spr” appears on the 1857 map “Map of the Western Division of the Fort Kearney South Pass and Honey Lake Road” at that location.

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Managed By

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – public land

Water Temperature

The water temperature varies depending on where you are in the spring. The closer you are to the source, the hotter the water.  

The temperatures range between 90° – 100° but always be cautious when entering a hot spring by checking the temperature before you enter. Click here to view water thermometers.

Soaking Status

Soaking is allowed in the spring area.

Hours Open

Always open



Time Allowed



No glass.


In 2020, the Bureau of Land Management reported that Trego Hot Springs was contaminated with E. Coli, Fecal coliforms, and Vibrio cholerae and advised the public to avoid bathing.



GPS Coordinates

40°46′18″N 119°07′01″W


Jungo Road, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

How to Get to Trego Hot Springs

  • 20 miles northeast of Gerlach via NV-447 S
  • 93 miles  southwest of Winnemucca via I-80 W
  • 120 miles north of Reno via NV-447 N


The road to Trego Hot Springs is very accessible except during the rainy season, Jungo Road can be a bit of a mess so plan accordingly.

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Parking at Trego Hot Springs

Parking is nearby on the side of the road near the hot springs.

Distance From Parking

A short walk from the parking to the spring area.

Contact Information

None are available at this time.

Trego Hot Springs Weather

Below are the average high and low temperatures for each month along with the average number of rainfall days.

  • January – 42° / 23° – 4 days
  • February – 48° / 26° – 3 days
  • March – 57° / 32° – 4 days
  • April – 64° / 36° – 3 days
  • May – 73° / 45° – 3 days
  • June – 83° / 53° – 2 days
  • July – 93° / 60° – 1 day
  • August – 91° / 58° – 1 day
  • September – 82° / 48° – 1 day
  • October – 68° / 37° – 2 days
  • November – 52° / 27° – 3 days
  • December – 41° / 21° – 3 days


Clothing is optional.

Cell Phone Service at Trego Hot Springs

Unknown at this time.


There is dispersed camping available on nearby BLM lands. 


Dogs should be kept on a leash and are not allowed in the springs.

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Trego Hot Springs