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Twelve Mile Hot Springs

Twelve Mile Hot Springs

Twelve Mile Hot Springs Overview

Also known as Bishop Creek Hot Springs due to it being situated in the beautiful Bishop Creek Canyon, the Twelve Mile Hot Springs is located twelve miles north of Wells (hence the name) in Elko County, Nevada.

The area consists of a manmade pool made of concrete and a gravel bottom that is approximately 40′ long and 3′ deep.

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Managed By

Private land but the owner allows access using the road that is on their private property to the spring so please respect the area with the “leave no trace” mentality and leave the area better than you found it.

Water Temperature

The average temperature varies based on the season but it is normally between 99° in the creek to 105° closer to the source of the spring.

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Soaking Status

Open to soak.

Hours Open

Always open



Time Allowed



None at this time.


None at this time.



GPS Coordinates

41.24256, -114.94804


Off Upper Metropolis Road.

How to Get to Twelve Mile Hot Springs

  • 12 miles north of Wells
  • 150 miles north of Ely


A high-clearance four-wheel drive is recommended since the last few miles of the pothole-ridden road can be rough, even when the weather has been favorable. Also, there could be fording across the water at various places. If the road looks sketchy, it is recommended that you park and hike in the last two miles to the hot springs.

If you do decide to explore the area during unfavorable weather (during the rainy season the water level will probably be too high to cross or with snow on the ground), be sure to take a self-rescue bag and/or go with other vehicles in case someone gets stuck.

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Parking at Twelve Mile Hot Springs

Know your vehicle capability and don’t push it! If you do not have a high clearance four-wheel drive vehicle, park at the cattle guard and hike the remainder of the route.

Distance From Parking

Depends on where you park based on vehicle capability. The furthest away would be two miles unless you go during good weather with a high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicle, which gets you to the area.

Contact Information

None known at this time.

Best Time of Year to Visit

While the area is open year-round, the weather may be too inclement to access the area so be sure to check the road status.

Twelve Mile Hot Springs Weather

Below are the average high and low temperatures and the average days of rainfall each month.

  • January – 36° / 12° – 4 days
  • February – 40° / 16° – 3 days
  • March – 49° / 23° – 4 days
  • April – 57° / 28° – 5 days
  • May – 67° / 35° – 4 days
  • June – 77° / 42° – 3 days
  • July – 87° / 48° – 1 day
  • August – 85° / 46° – 1 day
  • September – 75° / 38° – 3 days
  • October – 62° / 28° – 3 days
  • November – 46° / 20° – 4 days
  • December – 37° / 12° – 4 days



Cell Phone Service at Twelve Mile Hot Springs

No cell service.


There is dispersed camping nearby but you need to verify public vs. private land so be sure to check camping availability by using one of these mobile apps for the outdoor explorer.



Twelve Mile Hot Springs