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Uri B. Curtis House/Tasker L. Oddie House

Explore the historical Uri B. Curtis House and Tasker L. Oddie House, nestled in the heart of Tonopah, Nevada. These houses not only reflect the rich mining heritage of the region but also the lives of prominent figures Uri B. Curtis and Tasker L. Oddie, who played pivotal roles in Nevada’s early 20th-century development.

Uri B. Curtis House/Tasker L. Oddie House

Uri B. Curtis House/Tasker L. Oddie House Overview

The Uri B. Curtis House and Tasker L. Oddie House, located in Tonopah, Nevada, are significant landmarks representing the region’s mining history and development. Both houses are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, emphasizing their historical and cultural importance.

National Register Number

  • Uri B. Curtis House: NRHP Reference No. 82003227.
  • Tasker L. Oddie House: NRHP Reference No. 820032

Year Established/Founded

  • Uri B. Curtis House: Built in 1906.
  • Tasker L. Oddie House: Built in 1902.

Uri B. Curtis House/Tasker L. Oddie House History

The Uri B. Curtis House, significant for its connection with businessman Uri B. Curtis, reflects the early development of Tonopah. It was initially a large stone residence in a unique U-shape design. The Tasker L. Oddie House, associated with Tasker L. Oddie, a prominent lawyer, businessman, and politician (later Nevada’s governor), began as simple cabins built by Uri B. Curtis and was expanded by Oddie into a modest yet historically significant residence.


  • 1902: Construction of the Tasker L. Oddie House.
  • 1904: Uri B. Curtis House was sold to Tasker L. Oddie.
  • 1906: Uri B. Curtis House was established.
  • May 20, 1982: Both houses were added to the National Register of Historic Places.


Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada

GPS Coordinates

  • Uri B. Curtis House: 38°03′55″N, 117°14′00″W.
  • Tasker L. Oddie House: 38°03′55″N, 117°14′02″W.

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  • Uri B. Curtis House: 169 Booker St., Tonopah, Nevada.
  • Tasker L. Oddie House: Ellis St., Tonopah, Nevada.

The Uri B. Curtis House and Tasker L. Oddie House are more than just architectural structures; they are a testament to the enduring legacy of individuals who shaped the destiny of Nevada. Their preservation as historic sites allows us to connect with a pivotal era in Nevada’s history and understand the significant contributions of Curtis and Oddie to the region.

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