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Using Duct Tape for Hiking and Camping

Using Duct Tape for Hiking and Camping

Duct tape.. one of the most versatile items invented, it is a wonderful universal product to have on the trails and at your campground to use as a temporary fix.

Instead of carrying a dozen different items that you may need to repair an item, carry duct tape instead!

Using Duct Tapes for Hiking and Camping

Using Duct Tape as First Aid

  • Removing Cacti Spines – Hiking in the desert means your chances of encountering a cactus or two is heightened. There are several methods to remove those tiny irritants, with one being duct tape! Click here to learn more about Cactus Spines and how to Remove Them
  • Removing Splinters From the Skin – It can also be used in some instances of slivers of foreign items to your body. Cover the area of the sliver, let it sit a few minutes, and then slowly pull the duct tape away.
  • Protecting Blisters – Out of mole skin? Add some antibiotic ointment with a small cotton swab or other material and use the duct tape to cover your blister.
  • Tick Removal – I haven’t tried this one as we don’t encounter ticks that often in the Southwest but I have heard that you can easily remove ticks using duct tape.

Using Duct for Repairs

  • Ripped Clothing – When scrambling on the sandstone in the Southwest, we are always tearing the seat of our pants. Break out the duck tp so others don’t see your dainty duds.
  • Temporary Tent Pole Repair – If your tent pole is cracked or broke in half, try to find a sturdy stick and “split” your tent pole by placing the stick alongside the tent pole and wrapping it with duct take. If you can’t find a stick, then wrap it with extra tape to help reinforce the sturdiness.
  • Temporary Boot String – Have you ever been on a trail and broke a boot string? Duct tape to the rescue! You can make a thin “rope’ to use as a temporary boot string until you can replace it properly.
  • Temporary Tent Repair –  Stop further ripping to protect your tent by covering the area with duct tape. I use it on the inside and outside of the tent for extra protection.
  • Backpack Repairs – Just like with a temporary fix for your tent, you can use the same method for a temporary fix to your backpack.

Other Uses for Duct Tape

  • Backpack Protection – A friend of mine has wrapped his BRAND NEW backpack with duct tape to protect it from the scrapes and tears that comes from scrambling on sharp rocks. He uses a color that is close to his backpack and you can’t tell until you are up close to see that the bottom is wrapped.

Storing Duct Tape

Don’t take a huge roll of duct tape with you. Instead, wrap it around a pencil, your hiking pole, or to itself to create a smaller roll that is easy to transport, takes less room when packing, and weighs a lot less than a full sized roll.

What uses did we miss? Comment below so we can share with others.

Using Duct Tape for Hiking and Camping