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Varyville Nevada

Varyville Nevada

Varyville Nevada Overview

Varyville was a mining camp in Humboldt County, Nevada.

Also known as Bartlett Creek, Columbia, Cove, Cove Meadow, Leonard Creek, and Pine Forest.

Named after Mr. LaDue Vary who discovered gold in 1886.

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Year Established/Founded

Discovered in 1870 and established in 1875.

Varyville Nevada History

Originally known as Columbia, the district is located on and near Bartlett Creek, and sometimes includes the Leonard Creek district to the east. The Cove area is on Cove Creek, north of Bartlett Peak. 

Ore was initially worked in an arrastra but in the late 1870s  two five stamp mills were running. The district never gained prominence and in the 1880s it was forgotten.

The Varyville district covers the area generally around Bartlett Peak, between the Black Rock Range to the southwest and the main Pine Forest Range to the northeast, and immediately west of Quinn River Valley. 

It was reported that Ladue Vary would not take less than $100,000 and he never sold although he did lease the land to others who successfully recovered ore. He lived on the property raising hay until 1906 when he was taken to Winnemucca due to his age and passed at the age of 90. 


  • 1870 – Discoveries near Bartlett Creek
  • 1875 – The Columbia District was organized
  • 1886 – Ladue Vary discovered gold and silver in a canyon about 30 miles west of Quinn River Crossing
  • June 24, 1906 – Founder Ladue Vary passes away at the age of 90 years of age
  • 1931 – Modern developments began during the middle of the Depression by the Leonard Creek Placers, Ltd.
  • 1935 – Operations by Leonard Creek Placers, Ltd. cease 

The Pioche Record
Pioche, Nevada · Sunday, December 27, 1874

J. B. Merchant, just from Barlett Creek, gives us the following: At present there are one hundred or more prospectors in the district,nearly all of whom have interests in the mining locations. The hills abound in ledges, and new discoveries are made daily. A cut or trench forty feet long, at right angles with the course of it veins, is certrain to strike one. But few of them crop out on the surface, tbe veins generally being what are oalled bvminen “blind ledsea.” nartien i,ree, at all seasons of tbe year ZSTZSL ” T XZSl within a few hundred yards of each other, aa tha stream runs through a VMp can70,n ??, ” xoa9lnRlT Pld- a,v..od amJl. but’ exoting” riob. The town of Varyville, recently laid out, contains three saloons and one “V “?Mm ? 01 o5 01 I eaaaaw eus laiiuoi OA a ITVL UlUUaut. BUU eUtki I Columbia District will be one of tbe livli- are permanent, and that – 1,, 1 J . . I IT I eet in the oonntry, Silver State, 17.

The Pioche Record
Pioche, Nevada · Friday, January 15, 1875

Accessions are being made almost daily to tbe popula tion irom northern (California, Oregon, and almost every Dart of the country. Men are prospecting the hills in everv direction, and their labors are being re warded by tbe discovery of new ledges, all containing free gold and more or less silver. Tbe bills are threaded with gold and silver-bearing veins, and on tbe dumps of those which are being worked large piles of ore are accumulating await ing tbe erection of reduction works. As in all new mining camps, and old ones as well lor tbat matter, there are some impecunious prospectors, who are tbe own era of rich mines, and like a drop of the araeni. ror their accommodation an en terprising saloon keeper in Varyville ex changes the “miner’s consoler,” a favor ite brund In the camp, in quantities to suit, lor specimens from tbe rich leads, it is not unusual to see a sturdy pros pector enter the Exchange Saloon with a chunk of ore in his band and invite all bands irrigate, and deposit his specimen on tbe bar in payment for the aame. If the demand for whisky continues as at present lor tbe winter, and no mills are built meantime, that barkeeper will have several tons of ore in the spring tbat will excel in richness anything of equal quantity ever seen in the State . Silver State, 9.

Wadsworth Semi-Weekly Dispatch
Wadsworth, Nevada · Friday, July 24, 1903


According to the Reno Journal the stock of the Ideal Gold Mining Company is selling rapidly in that city. This company recently acquired a group of mining claims at Varyville, In northern Humboldt and General manager Hardy will leave in eight or ten days at the farthest with a crowd of miners and begin work on the property. It is hoped to have the mill In operation before snow flies and distribute the first dividend before the close of the year

The Silver State Winnemucca, Nevada 03 Oct 1907, Thu • Page 1


E. F. Staples, the Bartlett creek operator, arrived last evening from that place. He has now a number of men employed on his mining property at Bartlett creek and is building suitable winter quarters for his men. A cabin and a bunk house are being built, which will make substantial winter quarters.

Bartlett creek is one of the oldest mining districts in the county, having gone under the name of Varyville over thirty years ago, and many old quartz mills are vet standing in the district.

Mr. Staples has secured some good ground and is now engaged in actively developing it. He has a ledge of good free milling ore, and will erect a Ford quartz mill in the spring. This mill can be run at not a very heavy expense and expert figuring has estimated that the claims owned by Mr. Staples can be worked at a substantial profit.

The Goldfield News and Weekly Tribune • Goldfield, Nevada • 01 Aug 1908, Sat • Page 6


News has been received here of n very promising gold strike which was recently made by Joe Roscamp, near the old camp of Varvville and only a few miles from Miller & Lux’s Leonard creek ranch. He has opened up a ledge which gives pannings indicating gold values of from $75 to $100 per ton. Mr. Roscamp is working steadily on his property and those who have seen it say that it is an excellent prospect. — Star.


Gold, silver, copper, lead, tungsten, antimony, and molybdenum.

Post Office

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Unknown at this time.

The Population of Varyville Nevada

Unknown at this time.



GPS Coordinates

41° 29′ 34.64″ N, 118° 48′ 26.63″ W

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Varyville Nevada