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Vincent Davis

Vincent Davis

When reading about the Old Tonopah Cemetery they share the stories about the “interesting” residents who were laid to rest there but when researching Nye County, Nevada I found this nugget about Vincent Davis and am surprised nobody has mentioned his heroics. What am I missing?

I headed over to Ancestry to see if I could find his history but I found NOTHING on Vincent’s history. It’s like he never existed!

One thing I noticed is that his grave marker is wrong, his death year should be 1906, not 1900.

Now, for the interesting story of a friend who gave his life to save another.

For the donations, to put into today’s perspective, $1 in 1906 equals about $33 today.

Vincent Davis

Tonopah Bonanza • Butler, Nevada • 15 Dec 1906, Sat • Page 1



To save Vincent Davis, the young hero who gave his life to save that of his friend Charles Stroshnider, when astray on the desert the Tonopah Daily Bonanza has instituted a subscription list. The approval of the actions of the Bonanza is clearly evidenced by the fact that in a very short time over $75 was subscribed to the funeral. Arrangements are now being made to accord the body of the gallant hero a burial fitting one who so unflinchingly gave his life in order that his friend may be saved from certain death. The history of his self-sacrifice in staying with his partner is already known

Lost on the desert these two men roamed about In the cold and snow until fatigue and exposure proved too much for one. Although almost exhausted himself Davis practically carried his comrade for many miles until he also fell under the additional burden. Even then he mustered together enough strength to persevere in his efforts ‘to procure help for his stricken companion.

The result of his heroic action was the loss of both his feet and ultimately his very life itself. The generous response of the people of Tonopah makes it clearly apparent that his courage and fidelity to his friend is thoroughly apparent. The full list of those who have already subscribed is as follows:

  • Tonopah Dally Bonanza. … $10.00
  • B. H. VanZandt 2.00
  • P. H. Sandlin 1.00
  • Cuddy & Stock 2.00
  • E. L. K 1.00
  • Cooper 1.00
  • Cash 5.00
  • Plamanay & Justin 2.50
  • C. M. Dudley 1.00
  • Brett & Finn 3.00
  • Tonopah Liquor Co 2.00
  • M. B. Carter 1.00
  • McCarty 1.00
  • Curley & Graham 5.00
  • Jim Sergine 1.00
  • J. II. Hoffman 1.00
  • J. W. Baldwin 1.00
  • R. I. Prouty 2.00
  • Cash 1.00
  • Salvation Army 2.00
  • J. H. McCaund 1.00
  • H. J. Hall Co 2.00
  • Boh Dunn 2.00
  • Riley & Johnson 10.00
  • James Weale 1.00
  • Ted Osborn 1.00
  • Peter ForganI 1.00
  • Barrel House 5.00
  • A Friend 1.00
  • A Friend 1.00
  • R. B. Govan 5.00
  • Total $76 00

A touching Incident and one that commands the highest respect and appreciation, is the subscription received from the Salvation Army. One of the members of this body on her nightly visitations happened to be in one of the places where the list was presented, and overhearing the conversation stepped forward voluntarily and placed the name of the Salvation Army upon the list. Such an act of generosity should not go unnoticed.

The Bonanza will be very glad to receive subscriptions to the fund and any money left at this office will be receipted for it in the customary manner. We are certain that the people of Tonopah will see to it that the remains of Vincent Davis are interred In a manner commensurate with his noble sacrifice.

Vincent Davis