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West Wind Drive In Las Vegas

West Wind Drive In Las Vegas

West Wind Drive-In Las Vegas

It always amazes me how many people I met who live in Las Vegas who do not know we have a drive-in theater!


The West Wind Drive-In Las Vegas is centrally located {a smidge north of central} off of Rancho and Smoke Ranch. {The road is actually Carey but more know Smoke Ranch, which turns into Carey at Rancho.}

Not too many drive-in theaters left in the United States and we are lucky enough to have one in our backyard.

I love going to the drive-in when the weather is cooler in the spring or fall. Summer nights are killer but if you really want to go… knock yourself out!

Westwind Drive-In Overview

The Westwind Drive-In offers six different screens to show single and double features each night of the week.

The website is Westwind Drive-In Las Vegas.

Westwind Drive-In Las Vegas Address

The Westwind Drive-In is located at 4150 W Carey Ave, North Las Vegas, NV 89032 and the phone number is (702) 646-3565.

Westwind Drive-In Las Vegas Fees

I am cheap and always looking for a deal when I can and the Tuesday night price is a BARGAIN. Below are the current ticket prices:

General admission = $7.75 per person

Kid’s admission – $1.50 for children ages 5 – 11 years of age

Free admission for children 4 years of age and younger

Tuesday night family fun ticket price is $5.50 per person

Sign up for their Westwind Drive-in newsletter as they will occasionally send coupons for the snack bar and more.

Westwind Drive-In Snacks

While the West Wind Drive-In Las Vegas offers food and snacks to buy you might want to forgo that and take your own.

Yep, at the drive in you can take in whatever you want {not like going to an indoor theater}.

We like to pack a cooler with water and other drinks to take with us. Not only is it what we want… we save a lot by doing it this way. Consider leaving the glass containers at home because flat tires in the dark are not cool.

Westwind Drive-In Tips

Before you go, take these tips into consideration to see if they apply to you.


If you don’t want to sit in your car during the movie(s), then pack your favorite chair. As you see above we took a bean bag, folding chairs, and an Adirondack Chair. We have seen sofas and recliners in the back of trucks and even some folks who pack a mattress up and toss in the back to really be comfortable. {At least I hope that is why.}


The ticket booths do not accept credit or debit cards to purchase your tickets.

Also, there is a snack bar, which also has video games so if you want to kill some time before the movie starts, take some spare change with you for the kids.


If you haven’t been yet, here’s a tip that we enjoy. We don’t like to leave the car running or switched on so we can hear the movie through our radio (don’t want a dead battery). Since we sit outside in our chairs we take a portable radio and place it between all of us.

What tips do you have to go to the Westwind Drive in theater in Las Vegas? Comment below to share with others!

West Wind Drive-In Las Vegas