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Westgate Nevada

Westgate Nevada

Westgate Nevada Overview

Westgate was a station stop on the Pony Express in Churchill County, Nevada.

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Year Established/Founded

Around (or before) 1865

Westgate Nevada History

The first reference we found for Westgate is June 26m 1865 in the Gold Hill Daily News.

There is a lot of history about this town since it was a Pony Express station, a Civilian Conservation Corps camp, and more. Once we go through all the articles we have found on the town, we will update the article.


  • 1915 – Ore was produced in this district 
  • August 1938 – Construction started for Westgate to be used for a Civilian Conservation Corps camp 
  • October 1938 – The Civilian Conservation Corps camp was ready for occupancy
  • 1941 – The Civilian Conservation Corps camp was abandoned
  • February 1943 – The Civilian Conservation Corps camp was dismantled


Silver, Lead, Gold

Post Office


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The Population of Westgate Nevada

Unknown at this time



How to Get to Westgate Nevada

From the 1923 publication:

The Westgate District is at Westgate in S. E. Churchill Co., and adjoins the Eastgate District on the W. Fallon on the Southern Pacific Railroad is 54 m. W. N. W. of Westgate.

GPS Coordinates

39° 17′ 27.73″ N, 118° 3′ 10.45″ W

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Photos and Videos

There are many references to Westgate in the newspapers and we will dig through them and add the ones that are relevant to the history of Westgate. This news article I found interesting and for sure want to research more as it discusses a Pony Express rider by the name of William Edgar “Pony Ned” Van Blairicon.

The Silver State · Winnemucca, Nevada · Saturday, December 03, 1921


In the person of W. E. Van Blaricom of Stillwater, Churchill county has the distinction of claiming the last of the famous pony express riders renowned in the early sixties for their courage and endurance in carrying mail from the Mississippi river to the coast by relays on horseback. Mr. Van Blaricom has passed the alloted three score and ten, but is still hale and hearty and in full possession of his faculties, mental and physical. His run in the famous relay route was from Unionville to Westgate and it fell to his lot to ride 176 miles in sixteen hours when the news of Lincoln’s assassination was carried westward.

References Used

Westgate Nevada