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Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

Get ready to get wet in the desert and never want to leave!

Located in the West part of Las Vegas you will find one of the coolest water parks, Wet ‘n’ Wild, one of the best Las Vegas water parks. (Actually,  Wet ‘n’ Wild is one of two water parks in Las Vegas area.)

Henderson has one too, click here to read about Cowabunga Bay.

Locals and visitors come to chillax in the lazy river, get ruffed up in the wave pool, or work on cardio running upstairs carrying inner tubes to be rewarded with a crazy fun water slide!

Wet ‘n’ Wild Discounted Tickets

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Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas History

The Wet ‘n’ Wild is a revival of the old Wet ‘n Wild that used to reside on the strip.

No joke, we had a water park…ON THE STRIP.  But for several reasons, it closed in 2004.

BTW, notice the apostrophes on the “n” in Wet n Wild name, this shows they were owned by different owners.

Las Vegas’s Wet ‘n’ Wild water park opened in Las Vegas in May 2013.

Las Vegas has been working on making the entire city, including downtown, a great city for visitors and residents.  Our local Andre Agassi has his hands in several great projects here in Las Vegas.  Wet ‘n’ Wild is no exception.  As part owner, Andre Agassi continues to be a positive driving force here in Las Vegas.

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Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

To say this active park will make you hungry is an understatement.  More like ravenous!

Wet ‘n’ Wild has several eating options, the largest in their Oasis Cafe which serves pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fountain drinks.  I suggest buying the park cup for the higher cost, it’s worth hydrating yourself!

The park also has kiosks such as Dipp’n Dots smoothies, Waveside Cold Treats, Pretzels, and Fresh Lemonade.

Advice from a local, make a day of this park.  Go in when it opens, get a great place for your tent, and cover yourself in sunscreen.  Have a ton of fun with sun breaks in the shade.  Grab a snack at the kiosks or at the cafe.

Reentry to Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

When the kids hit that 1:00 PM tiring hour, we hit it too… admit it.

If you are from out of town, head back to the hotel and take a nap or do an indoor activity to wait out our hottest times of 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM.

Come back to the park revived and ready to play!

Your paid parking ticket is still valid as is your park receipt.  Cruise on in!

PRO TIP: Do not put your receipt on your dash, it is made of thermal paper and will turn black!  Make sure you get a hand stamp if you leave the park so you can re-enter.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas Tips and Tricks

  • You are allowed to bring in bottled water, factory sealed only.
  • Wear Flip Flops, Water Shoes, Sandals, SOMETHING to keep your feet from getting burned!
  • Sunscreen is provided. Wear it like a pro.  At the entrance of the park, you will find it right away.
  • Lockers are available at the entrance as well.
  • Not sure if your kiddo is tall enough for some rides?  A friendly staff member greets each child with a tape measure and colored bracelet showing how tall he/she is.
  • Puddle jumpers are allowed in the lazy river but not in the wave pool, I fight them every year about this but to no end.  We now bring our own favorite life jacket.
  • Life Jackets are available at the lazy river and the wave pool, all sizes!  *They are in great shape too.*
  • Some rides have weight limits, you do get weighed, and NO ONE will see what the evil numbers come up with.  NO ONE but the ride attendant and you.
  • No coolers allowed, not even soft coolers.
  • Bring your own chairs, tent, blankets, etc.  *Tie-down shade structures are no longer allowed.  If you are able to secure your shade structure AND it’s low profile, it’s allowed.