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What is a Desert Almond (Prunus fasciculata)

What is a Desert Almond

What is a Desert Almond

What is a Desert Almond

Below is a transcription of the above sign found at the Valley of Fire Visitor Center.

Prunus fasciculata

Adaption for Survival

White bark reflects sun; small, waxy leaves, 1 inch (2.5 cm) long, clustered at intervals along its branches. Small flowers; both leaves and flowers drop in summer. Thorns discourage browsing animals.


Favorite host for Great Basin tent caterpillar, whose webs are often found tangled in dessert almond branches.


March – May


Sandy gravels in washes and arroyos


2500 to 6000 ft (833 to 2000 m)

Type of Soil:

Well drained sands and gravels

Source of Water:

Surface, in drainages


3 to 8 ft (1 to 2.7 m)


Wind, insects

What is a Desert Almond