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Where is Havasu Falls Located

Havasu Falls is that one waterfall that pops up on your Chromecast screensaver or a Bing background image that you can’t seem to figure where it is and how to get there.

While a lot of those kinds of places seem to be out of reach for people living in the United States, Havasu Falls is right in our own backyard.

Where is Havasu Falls Located

Havasu Falls is located in an offshoot of the Grand Canyon placing it just three and a half hours outside of Flagstaff, Arizona in the American Southwest.

If you’re looking to fly in from a different part of the United States, or even a different part of the world, chances are that your flight will land in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While Las Vegas may seem like it’s a long ways away from Havasu Falls, it’s actually only an extra hour away in comparison to Flagstaff, making the trip about 4 – 4:30 hours depending on traffic and whatnot.

In order to actually get to Havasu Falls, you have to hike in and more importantly, have permits.

If you need help on getting permits, click here to read about our permit guide to Havasu Falls.

Once you set off to Havasu Falls, your car trip ends at the Havasupai Trailhead, also called Hualapai Hilltop, and your trek down to the falls begins. If you’re hiking in, expect the hike to take anywhere from three to six hours depending on what kind of hiker you are.

For those who are concerned about the parking at the top of the hill, click here to read about our parking guide for Hualapai Hilltop.

Before setting out, you need an address to get to the trail that leads to Havasu Falls, but because there isn’t really an official address with a street, numbers, P.O box, and zip code, some may end up putting in the wrong information leading them the wrong way.

To get to the parking lot and trailhead, all you need to do is type in Havasupai Trailhead and then Google should pull up an aerial view of the parking lot which looks like a snake with cars at the end on its head.

Hualapai Hilltop

If you type in Hualapai Hilltop, the maps will plant you right in the middle of the road.


If you type in Havasu Falls, you will get a top-down image of where you will be staying for the entire trip but there isn’t a way to drive down, so don’t plot a route to Havasu Falls.

Where is Havasu Falls Located