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Whisky Spring Nevada

Whisky Spring Nevada

Whisky Spring Nevada Overview

Whisky Spring was a station located on the northern end of Whisky Flat in Mineral County, Nevada that served as a lodging and eating stop for those who traveled on the Bodie-Canderlaria Road.

Not a lot is found about the old town with the first newspaper article I can find is from 1912 and in 1919 the camp made the news when a resident wandered many miles away and took his own life in a tent. There are earlier references but it appears they are referring to the actual spring and not the town.

Only the spring remains.

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Year Established/Founded

The late 1870s

Whisky Spring Nevada History

Mining operations below the station on the flat were limited but important enough after 1882 to warrant the construction of a small furnace to smelt silver copper ore. 



GPS Coordinates

38° 22′ 17.71″ N, 118° 32′ 24.40″ W

References Used

Whisky Spring Nevada