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White Caps Nevada

Journey to the heart of Nye County, Nevada, to uncover the storied past of the White Caps Mine. From its prosperous years of mining to the unexpected end, this site offers a unique glimpse into Nevada’s rich mining heritage, surrounded by the remnants of a bygone era.

White Caps Nevada

White Caps Nevada Overview

White Caps was a mining district located in Clark County, Nevada. White Caps, a remarkable chapter in Nevada’s mining history, emerged near Manhattan as a prominent mine in 1915. Despite challenges, it achieved notable success until a devastating fire in 1936 and eventual closure in 1940. The site, marked by extensive ruins, narrates a tale of fluctuating fortunes, producing an impressive $2.7 million in ore.

Also known as Quartzite Hill.

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Year Established/Founded

The White Caps mine started operations around 1915, carving its place in the history of Nye County’s mining saga.

White Caps Nevada History

The White Caps mine’s history is a blend of ambition and adversity. Established a few miles from Manhattan, it functioned intermittently from 1915 to 1940. Despite various operational challenges, it successfully extracted valuable ore. The site’s transformation after the 1936 fire reflects the changing tides in mining fortunes.


  • 1915: White Caps mine begins operations.
  • 1936: A devastating fire leads to the destruction of the mine and mill.
  • 1940: Operations cease, marking the end of an era for the White Caps mine.
  • 1950s: The area experiences a landslide, further eroding the site’s structures.


White Caps mine was a significant source of ore, predominantly gold and silver, contributing notably to the mining output of the region.


Unknown at this time

Post Office


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The Population of White Caps Nevada

The population size of White Caps during its operational years is not well-documented, though it primarily consisted of mine workers and associated personnel.


7,612 Feet (2,320 Meters)


Located in the Las Vegas Range northeast of Quail Spring, east of the Gass Peak district a few miles from Manhattan in Nye County, Nevada, White Caps sits in the vast, rugged terrain known for its rich mining history.

GPS Coordinates

38° 31′ 52″N, 117° 2′ 57″W

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Photos and Videos

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Today, White Caps is a site of historical significance, with its extensive ruins serving as a reminder of its past glory and the inevitable decline of mining operations. Visitors can observe the remains of the mine, including the 1,300-foot shaft and the structures around it, but must exercise caution due to potential hazards.

The White Caps Mine stands as a silent witness to the ebbs and flows of Nevada’s mining history. Its extensive ruins offer a poignant reminder of the area’s once-thriving mining activity, inviting visitors to step back in time and explore the remnants of this once-prosperous operation.

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White Caps Nevada