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White Pine County Nevada

White Pine County Nevada

  • County Seat: Ely
  • Established: 1869
  • Origin: Lander County. 
  • Background: Heavy growth of pine trees in the area, thought to be white pine.
  • Area: 8,877 sq mi
  • Population: 10,030

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Historical Points of Interest in White Pine County Nevada

Nevada Historical Markers in White Pine County Nevada

White Pine County is home to eleven Nevada Historical Markers.

As we visit each we will link the articles below for you to learn more about the history of the site the marker represents.

  1. #9 Copper Country 
  2. #51 Schellbourne 
  3. #52 Cherry Creek 
  4. #53 Hamilton 
  5. #54 Ward Mining District 
  6. #84 Jedediah Strong Smith (Explorer of the Western Wilderness) 
  7. #98 Osceola (1872-1940) 
  8. #99 Taylor 
  9. #100 Nevada Northern Railway 
  10. #184 Ward Charcoal Ovens 
  11. #269 Ely, Forging the Link

White Pine County Nevada