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White Plains Nevada

White Plains Nevada

White Plains Nevada Overview

White Plains was a railroad station and mining district in Churchill County, Nevada.

Also known as White Plains Flat, White Plains Station, Whiteplains, and Mirage Lake, the community was named after a nearby white plain, which was descriptively named for its abundant soda deposits.

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Year Established/Founded

White Plains Nevada History

From the 1923 publication:

Walter Smith located the salt deposit about 1870, and formed the Desert Crystal Salt Co. which produced salt by solar evaporation of the brine, according to a letter from J. T. Reid. About 200 tons of salt were shipped annually, principally to the silver mines of eastern Nevada, and some table salt was produced. Production was continued on a decreasing scale up to 1915. The International Salt Co. under a lease from the Desert Crystal Salt Co. made small productions at Parran in 1911 and 1912.


  • 1864 – Mining in the area began when a five-stamp mill was built to process silver ore for nearby mines but closed soon after due to the scarcity of water and fuel.
  • 1870 –  The settlement was reestablished when a salt deposit was discovered by Walter smith and the Desert Crystal Salt Company was formed to recover salt through solar evaporation and 200 tons of salt were processed and shipped
  • 1877 – A new series of vats were built a mile and a half south near natural springs
  • 1879 – Railroad depot was constructed
  • June 4, 1879 – The post office opened
  • 1888 – Weekly Churchill News was published
  • July 15, 1909 – The post office closed



Post Office

June 4, 1879 – July 15, 1909


  • Walter Schmidt – White Plains, Churchill, Nevada – 4 Jun 1879
  • Wm R Rich – Whiteplains, Churchill, Nevada – 3 Apr 1895
  • Walter Hedrick – Whiteplains, Churchill, Nevada – 30 Apr 1898
  • Walter Schmidt – Whiteplains, Churchill, Nevada – 23 Jun 1899
  • Jerome B Combs – Whiteplains, Churchill, Nevada – July 27, 1908

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The Silver State • Winnemucca, Nevada • 12 Jun 1879, Thu • Page 3

White Plains Postoffice

A new post office has been; established at the railroad at White Plains, Churchill county, and Walter Schmidt has been appointed Postmaster.


The Churchill News – Established in 1888, the newspaper was published weekly.

The Population of White Plains Nevada

Unknown at this time



How to Get to White Plains Nevada

From 1923 publication:

White Plains Flat is at White Plains (Huxley station) in N. W. Churchill Co. and extends 4 m. S. to Parran and 4 m. N. E. to Ocala, all three places being on the S. P. R. R. The flat lies N. E. of the Desert District, S. E. of the Jessup District, and S. W. of the Lake District.

GPS Coordinates

39° 52′ 50.68″ N, 118° 48′ 22.56″ W

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Photos and Videos

There are a lot of newspaper articles for us to go through covering local chatter, railroad business, discoveries, and more. We will set aside a few hours to dig through them and post what we find is relevant to understanding the area.

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White Plains Nevada