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Wieland Brewery Building

Wieland Brewery Building

Wieland Brewery Building Overview

The Wieldan Brewing Building is that is part of National Register of Historic Places located in Nye County, Nevada

Year Established/Founded


Wieland Brewery Building History

The Wieland Brewery Building is a historic building located on Mineral Street in Tonopah, Nevada.

The building had several owners in its early years.

The statement of significance from the application:

The Wieland Brewery building is noteworthy as the earliest example of stone construction remaining in Tonopah.

Built in the winter of 1901 at a period when tents, temporary structures, and frame buildings dominated the streetscape, the Brewery was one of the first permanent structures in the camp.

Its construction exemplifies early attempts to utilize an abundant local building material which later became the dominant element in the commercial architecture of the community.

The Brewery was under construction in August 1901 shortly after William Easton secured the local agency for Wieland beer.

Prominent citizen H.C. Brougher was reported to have been in charge of the operation, but in December 1901, local businessman Harry King purchased the agency and the building. He sold the business in the spring of 1902 to W.J. Rice and John Burt, but repurchased it in October of the same year. Rice had previously been in partnership with Harry Ramsey who operated the first saloon in Tonopah.

In the fall of 1902, King contemplated the addition of a third story to the structure but only the gable wall was modified with a stepped parapet. This modification gave the building a slightly more formal appearance. The cut stone workmanship of the parapet also indicates that stone craftsmen were locally available by the end of 1902.

The building is significant for its place in the evolution of local stone architecture and for its historic association with early business development in Tonopah.

Wieland Brewery Building House

Photo by E. W. Smith – May 15, 1908


  • 1901 – The building was the first stone building constructed in Tonopah and was also one of the first permanent buildings built in the town, which was still primarily a mining camp at the time.
  • Late 1901 – It was apparently first owned by H.C. Brougher, but businessman Harry King bought the brewery
  • Spring 1902 – King sold the brewery to two other businessmen but purchased it again by the following October
  • Late 1902 – King added a crafted parapet to the building, which indicates that Tonopah had local stone craftsmen by that time
  • May 20, 1982 – The brewery was added to the National Register of Historic Places


Unknown at this time.


Mineral Street

GPS Coordinates

38°04′05″N 117°13′48″W

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Wieland Brewery Building