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Wildcat Freight Station Nevada

Wildcat Freight Station Nevada

Wildcat Freight Station Nevada Overview

The Wildcats Freight Station was a stop on the Pony Express in Churchill County, Nevada.

Also known as Allen’s Station or Alan’s.

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Year Established/Founded


Wildcat Freight Station Nevada History

Lemuel Allen, Esq., moved to the site on December 1, 1863, and established the Wild Cat Freight Station with his father, Assemblyman Cranston Allen.

Lemuel was born in April 1839 in Ohio and died in October 1918 in Nevada. He was part of the legislature for over 25 years, was the Speaker of the House of Representatives for two terms, and was Lieutenant Governor in the 1902 election. 

There is a wood sign at the site that states:

Wildcat Freight Station

(Allen’s Station)

These ruins are the remains of the Wildcat Freight Station founded in 1863 by Lemuel Allen. This station was an important watering and rest stop on a turnpike which orginated to the west of Fort Churchill and extended past Sand Mountain to the east.

The turnpike closely followed a route explored by Captain James Simpson in 1859 and used by the Pony Express in 1860 – 1861.

Please leave only footprints and take only photographs. Help preserve this irreplaceable site for the enjoyment of present and future Americans. State and Federal laws provide penalties for the destruction or removal of antiques from public lands.

U. S. Department of the Interior


  • December 1, 1863 – Wildcat Freight Station established by Lemuel Allen


Unknown at this time.

Post Office


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Unknown at this time.

The Population of Wildcat Freight Station Nevada

Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.


Northeast edge of White Throne Mountains, south of Carson

GPS Coordinates

39°16’26.8″N 118°41’48.8″W

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Wildcat Freight Station Nevada