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Hiking in Las Vegas with Kids

Hiking in Las Vegas with Kids

Just by reading the title you probably are wondering, HIKING IN LAS VEGAS?

Although it’s true that Las Vegas is a place where you go and party but believe me when it comes to taking your kids for an adventurous trip that includes hiking then Las Vegas is one of the best places to go.

There are so many places in Las Vegas where kids can actually enjoy and can hike as much as they want to! Its super safe and super fun at the same time.

Let’s talk about a few of the places in Las Vegas where you can take your kids hiking.

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Red Rock Canyon Kid Friendly Hikes

Arnight Trail

Arnight Trail is best enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts in April – May when the desert is in bloom.

The Arnight Trail is a 2 .4-mile segment of the Escarpment Route that runs through the open desert along the base of the Wilson Cliffs.

The Arnight Trail runs between Oak Creek Canyon and Pine Canyon.

The trail winds among boulders and shrubs, and passes little washes, as it climbs the bajada at a slight grade.

Along this part of the trail, there are many low-growing shrubs dominated by blackbrush with some yucca, cholla, brittlebrush.

Calico Basin

One of the places in Las Vegas for hiking is Calico Basin in Red Rock Canyon!

This is one of the most fun places to go to.

Firstly it’s a very big place to go to so your children will actually have a lot of fun.

It’s easily accessible as its only one mile away from the Red Rock Canyon State Park.

You don’t need to pay the park fee to hike there.

It has Boardwalk there where children can hike and learn about different native plants and animals living there.

The best thing about that place is that while you are hiking, the children can see a lot of boards on every side with information regarding the area or the animals, etc.

Calico Tanks View

Calico Tanks

Calico Tanks in Red Rock Canyon is another place where your children can enjoy hiking.

Although the adventure takes around 2 hours to complete the hike will be amazing and the children will enjoy a lot. The thing with this place is that newcomers who haven’t actually hiked before cannot go there.

This place is for those people who know how to hike so make sure that before coming to this place, your kids must hike in other places.

The area here as a lot of rocks on the way so the children need to know how to go about it but regardless, this place is wonderful with an amazing view!

Cave Canyon

Dale’s Trail

Dale’s Trail is an easy BLM trail that is best done when the desert is in bloom.

Dale’s Trail is a 2.1-mile segment of the Escarpment Route that runs through the open desert along the base of the Wilson Cliffs. Dale’s Trail runs between Icebox Canyon and Pine Creek Canyon.

The trail runs at a fairly gentle grade most of the way, but it has several short, steep sections.

Fern Canyon

Fern Canyon – Magnificent canyon hike with year-round water in the pools.

First Creek Canyon Trail

First Creek Canyon Trail is a pleasant 3-mile walk across a desert valley to a little seasonal waterfall with cottonwood trees, willows, and other shade trees.

Except for the last few feet, the hike follows a well-maintained trail.

At the waterfall at the grotto, the route follows a use-trail down the side of the wash to the falls.

As with other waterfalls in the area, these often are dry in the summer.

Keystone Thrust

Keystone Thrust – Hike along this trail to see the intersection of great and colorful geologic eras. Sixty million to 65 million years ago, the Pacific and North American continental plates got into a shoving match.

The conflict pushed up the Sierra Nevada mountains to the west. The same force pushed the deep limestone layers up and over the sand dunes in what is now Red Rock Canyon.

La Madre Springs

La Madre Springs is another place where you can take your children for hiking.

It takes around 2 hours to reach and its more than 3 miles away from the Red Rock Scenic Loop. If you are going to Las Vegas in the spring then this place is the perfect place to go for hiking. There are different trees along the way that the children will get to see and explore such as juniper and pinyon pine. Although it can be tiring for the children as they would have to climb 700 ft. but the thrill and excitement is a lot more.

Las Vegas Overlook

Las Vegas Overlook – Great views of Las Vegas and Red Rock peaks from the top.

Lost Creek Canyon

Lost Creek Canyon is a good beginner’s hike with a seasonal waterfall.

This self-guided interpretive trail introduces kids of all ages to the many different features of the Mojave Desert at Red Rock Canyon, including petroglyphs, lessons of desert life, towering views, and a hidden waterfall in the canyon.

Pine Creek

Pine Creek offers some of the best of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area–beautiful and diverse plant communities nestled at the bottom of monolithic canyon walls.

The ponderosa pine forest at the mouth of the canyon is a remnant from the last Ice Age, but it survives here thanks to the cool air and water flowing down Pine Creek Canyon is a great beginner’s bouldering route that ends at a pool.

Hiking Lake Mead with Kids

Lake Mead Hikes – 30 miles east of Las Vegas (don’t forget to include hiking at Valley of Fire State Park, which is near Overton, NV)

Anniversary Narrows

Callville Bay

Cleopatra Wash

Historic Railroad Tunnels (currently partially closed)

Northshore Summit

Redstone Trail

Hiking Mt. Charleston with Kids

Mt. Charleston – 35 miles west of Las Vegas

Bristlecone Trail

Desert Overlook

Echo Loop

Fletcher Canyon

Little Falls

Robber’s Roost

Stanley B. Springs

Hiking in Las Vegas with Kids